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I’ve always been fascinated with the process of painting and the interplay between intention and accident. This interest is what inspires me to create pictures that have more in common with simple chemistry experiments than traditional painting techniques.

In my work, I intentionally use materials that don’t physically adhere (water-based paints on a non-porous surface). I can only guide my materials and complete control is not an option. Every gesture and color reacts differently to the surface and to other colors.

This makes each painting an investigation - a mixing of materials to see what happens. This lack of control is exciting and the element of surprise moves me forward.

The imagery emerges as a result of the technique but I push the compositions to reference patterns in the natural world. Before I’m satisfied with a picture, it needs an element of fascination. Am I looking through a microscope or a telescope? Is this a reference to a pathogen or the cosmos? I hope they inspire the viewer to free associate and create meaning for themselves.

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